About the Author



Jared Dyer is completing his undergraduate studies in Zoology at Kent State University with the intent of pursuing a career in science writing in addition to his research with invertebrates. Aside from his more scientific endeavors, Jared Dyer is also a speculative fiction writer with a debut novel, Colors of a Crowded World, in the works.

Jared finds its impossible, nay, arrogant to exalt one branch of the Tree of Life above all others as his “favorite,” but rather, has a ready working list of organisms he frequently cites when asked the inevitable question all zoology majors as asked, “What is your favorite animal?” Some of his “favorites” include tartigrade (water bear), cookie-cutter shark, okapi, bombardier beetle, Portuguese Man-O-War, blue-ringed octopus, termites, leaf-cutter ants, quail, vampire bat, sugar glider, cuttlefish, lepidoptera (i.e. butterflies, he just calls them that to sound smart), golden lion tamarin, and most nematodes.

Similarly, his working list of “favorite” Pokemon includes Vaporeon, Torchic (his very first Pokemon), Shuckle, Exeggutor, Vulpix (Alolan), Jirachi, Slowpoke, Emolga, Mimikyu, Omastar, Kabuto, Porygon-Z, Magikarp (non-ironically), and Vivillon.

You can keep up with his political ramblings and await the release of his debut novel by following him on Twitter @JaredIsAWriter.