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The Biology of Pokémon was first created in the early spring of 2016 out of equal parts fascination and obsession with both Pokémon and biology. With over 800 Pokémon in exist as Generation VII, the fictional world of Pokémon is rich with lore and concepts that are ripe for deep analysis. It is the goal of this blog to foster curiosity in all those who happen to stumble across it, whether they be  Pokémaniacs or biology nerds. Even those with little interest in either may find something useful and perhaps spark an interest in the natural sciences they did not know of previously.

We believe every Pokémon—and every organism—has a story to tell and a lesson to teach. That is why it is our goal to explore the design, lore, and inspiration of every Pokémon, big and small, beloved and loathed, favorite and forgotten, and add them to the ranks of our Accurate Pokédex—an ongoing project which endeavors to put an end to the hyperbole of the in-game dex and establish entries based on cold, hard empirical science (or the closest we can get to it in a video game).

In addition to weekly spotlights on individual Pokémon, we will explore the broader biosphere of the Pokémon World. No organism is an island, and nature is at its most interesting when its various facets interact with each other. These larger topics will be covered monthly, as they require more research and greater effort on our part.

However, do not take the author(s) of this blog as the final authorities on all matters of science—or even Pokémon. We are fellow fallible human beings who, on occasion, will misinterpret scientific literature, overlook a crucial aspect of a theory, or even make a stretch factually for the sake of constructing a cohesive and click-bait fan theory. That is why we encourage feedback from our readers. Please, challenge our ideas and present your own if you have them. Who knows? You may garner the attention of a certain editor-in-chief and become a contributing author.

Most of all, it is my personal hope that this blog promotes what I believe to be the main ethos of the Pokémon Franchise as a whole—to connect with the natural world and live harmony with all its inhabitants, big and small, and to expand our knowledge of the forces around us so that we can better preserve and understand this marvelous gift of life that has been bestowed upon us by God, Arceus, or  chance, whichever you may choose to believe.

Alola cousin. Alola.


Me and Muk


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